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Hôtel restaurant (36), le Bœuf Couronné, cuisine traditionnelle et séjour dans la Brenne

Welcome to the « Bœuf Couronné » in the heart of an unspoilt countryside : La Brenne

In this ancient post house, centuries old (it history goes as far back as departmental records, around 1640), generations of inn-keepers have succeeded each other in order to provide for the traveler.

In the internet age, horses, horse-drawn carriages and their drivers are long gone but the inn-keeper’s passion to please the modern traveler with regional specialities after a days walking and observation of the Brenne’s natural history, is still there.

Maybe you’re wondering why the name “Boeuf Couronné”, well, in the past after a period of fasting villagers placed a crown on the best animal of the area and celebrated with a traditional banquet.

France, Bernard and their dedicated team all wish you a very good stay here.

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9 place du Général de Gaulle

36290 Mézières en Brenne

Tél.: 02 54 38 04 39